Preventative Maintenance Home Inspections

Plan your home maintenance intelligently with a Preventative Maintenance Home Inspection in Kennewick, Pasco, Richland and Tri-cities, WA.


You can identify any unsafe or potential future problems with a Preventative Maintenance Home Inspection.

Can you really afford to have a home that is unsafe for you and your family?

These are particularly useful if you happen to live in an older home. If you home is reaching that stage in life where things could start to go wrong, a Preventative Maintenance Home Inspection offers you some huge advantages.

You can safely identify potential issues before they become major and expensive problems. Every house and its "systems" eventually wear with time and expensive maintenance or replacement can be required.

By having a Preventative Maintenance Inspection done, it will identify any potential problems, allowing you to budget and plan for replacements or repairs. You will be able to formulate a maintenance plan by knowing which issues need your immediate attention and which can be scheduled out for later maintenance. It puts you in control of your property, and protects your investment.

It always costs less to repair a problem early, than waiting on it to become a major issue.

The ASHI Certified Home Inspectors at Jones Brothers Home Inspections, LLC are experienced, fully trained and licensed to identify the issues to look for and can advise you on important maintenance and care items that will help you maintain your home for years to come. The Preventative Maintenance Home Inspection report will give you a complete "honey do list" along with color pictures and recommendations. This will help remove all the guessing and uncertainty that goes into most home improvement projects.

Contact us today for your Preventative Maintenance Home Inspection. Your home will love you for it and will give you additional years of comfort and safety for your family.

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