New Home Warranty Inspection

New Home Warranty Inspection in Kennewick, Pasco, Richland and Tri-cities, WA.


When buying a new home the construction company normally has a warranty. The warranty on new homes normally expires one year after you purchase your new home.

Buying a new home with a warranty?

Protect your investment with our New Home Warranty Inspection.

With our New Home Construction Inspections and the New Home Warranty inspections, we conduct your initial Home Inspection before you move in and then re-inspect your home for issues that might have arisen in the last 11 months and before your warranty expires.


By doing this inspection, you protect your investment, and make sure your home has no hidden problems before you move in.

Additionally, by re-inspecting your home just prior to the warranty expiring this inspection also notifies you of any existing warranty issues while the builder is still liable for the repairs.

Make sense? Of course it does. It's maximum protection for your investment. Having it inspected before moving in, and inspected before your warranty expires gives you the double protection you need to preserve your investment.

This will help to ensure that you made the right choice in home construction company, and you never regret your decision to buy your new home.


Did you buy a home last year? Is your homeowners warranty about to expire?


Call us even if we didn't do your initial inspection... protect yourself and get any problems or potential problems solved while your warranty is still good.

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