Home Inspection Services

We offer many different types of Home Inspections and Home Inspection services depending on your particular situation.


highest quality Home Inspections

Listed below are the different Home Inspection services we offer. Learn More for more detail about each type of Home Inspection. Our Home Inspectors are ASHI Certified for the very best and highest quality Home Inspections.


Buyer's Home Inspection Services

The most common inspection. This is typically requested during the escrow phased of your home purchase (Normally 10 days after house goes under contract). These inspections are given to protect the Buyer and discover any issues with the home they are buying before final closing.

New Construction Inspection Services

Typically provided for new construction. This is a Home Inspection performed before your final walk through with your builder. We uncover any issues your new construction may have before final closing.

Seller's Home Inspection

Typically performed for people planning or actively engaged in selling their home. Discover any defects prior to putting your home on the market and ensure receiving top price for your property. When you can fix issues prior to the sale, you remove obstacles to selling your property.

New Home Warranty Protection Inspection

Many new homes have a 1 year warranty. This inspection is typically conducted during month 11 of your ownership, and ensures that any issues you may have are discovered and reported to your contractor before your warranty expires. Perfect to ensure your home is in tip top shape and any warranty issues resolved.

Preventative Maintenance Home Inspection

Every home and its "systems" wear out with time. Our Preventative Maintenance Inspection uncovers any existing issues that need repair and identifies for you what you need to be aware of. By having a preventative Home Inspection done, the owner gets a detailed plan outlining what needs to be done, and the time frames to be aware of. Invaluable for creating a maintenance program designed for your budget.

Structural Pest Inspections

We live in the Tri-Cities, and unfortunately we have pests. Serious pests that can destroy your home and leave you with a repair bill from hell. Termites, Carpenter Ants, Moisture Ants, etc., live in places you can't see and don't notice. As WSDA licensed structural pest inspectors, we inspect for any WDO (wood damaging organism), and also includes wood destroying fungus.


Areas We Serve

Jones Brothers Home Inspections serves the Tri-Cites area and most of Benton and Franklin counties. If you live in Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, West Richland, Benton City, or anywhere in the surrounding area, call us for your Home Inspection needs!