ASHI Certified Home Inspectors Serving the Tri-Cities

When you need a home inspection, call the premier home inspection company in the Tri-Cities, Jones Brothers Home Inspections. Our home inspectors are ASHI Certified and will deliver you the best service possible, regardless of which home inspection you choose. We serve the 3 communities of Kennewick, Pasco and Richland, commonly known as the Tri-cities.

We offer a wide variety of home inspections depending on your need.

Our services include:
Buyer's Home Inspections
New Construction Inspections
Preventative Maintenance
Seller's Home Inspections

We have you covered! Additionally, we are certified by WSDA to do Structural Pest Inspections as well as Leak Detection Inspections.

Your home is the biggest investment you will probably make in your lifetime.

Let the home inspectors at Jones Brothers Home Inspections help you protect and enjoy your investment for years to come.